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Lavinia Knight

My name is Lavinia and I’m a queer artist from Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand).

I'm a part-time teacher, an insomniac, a homebody, a parent and a Knight (which means that I get to move one square horizontally and two squares vertically … and I look a bit like a horse).

​As well as being an artist, I am the creator of quirky, and queer, clothing designs. I want to give people the ability to express themselves through clothing (because if you’re like me, you probably find the idea of starting conversations terrifying, and wearing something interesting can give like-minded people an excuse to talk to you!).

I absolutely love Rebecca Sugar because she has managed to make queer people visible in children’s cartoons which is something that I think that the world needs. I do a lot of fan art based on her show ‘Steven Universe’ because I love her messages so much. I would love to be able to spread the same kind of positivity, love, and acceptance as she has in her work.

​I work in a couple of different styles; both realism, and cartoon-like illustrations.
I would describe my illustration style as cute, creepy and a wee it bit twisted. And while their over all purpose is simply about having fun and making people laugh, I also find the process very therapeutic.

I hope you like my art

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